PSLU Accelerator

This is a for the community, by the community initiative. We do not take equity; we only provide value.


A group of peers and founders to work with.


Gabriel Weinberg (DuckDuckGo), Robert J. Moore (RJ Metrics), Rick Nucci (Guru, PSL President), and many more.

Weekly Events

Exclusive events for entrepreneurs participating in the PSL accelerator.

Investor Demo Day

Pitch to investors on Demo Day during Philly Tech Week to grow.


Q: What will my week be like? How much time per week on accelerator events/tasks?
One evening event a week for 2 hours. And one hour a week with each mentor (2-4 mentors). The rest of the time is spent working on your company.
Q: How many companies will be accepted into the program?
2-4, but the number is flexible depending on submissions.
Q: Do I have to give up any equity?
Q: Will we receive any funding?
Not from the Accelerator, but our goal is to get you ready and connect you with investors, if that's your goal
Q: Will you sign an NDA? How do I know you won't steal my idea?
Just like other Accelerators and VCs, we do not sign NDAs. We will respect the confidentiality of your venture / idea.
Q: We've already been working on our startup for a while. Is this Accelerator appropriate for us?
We are happy to work with more established startups. In fact, you are required to have a product or at least an MVP that's ready to market and iterate on.
Q: Do I have to be in the Philly area?
Yes, all of the events will take place in Philly, and we don't have a way for people to participate remotely.
Q: Does our company need to be incorporated?
No, the current legal status of your startup does not matter to us.
Q: Where will the events take place?
Events will all be taking place around the Center City area of Philly. Venturef0rth is one of the primary venues.
Q: Do I need co-founders?
Teams of two or more are more likely to succeed, and that's what we recommend for startups.